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(931) 644 - 5022

1710 Herbert Garrett Road

Cookevile, TN 38506

[email protected]

Class Schedule

Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 PM


An Affiliate of the ASU

Through our parent dojo

Now offering classes for children ages 3-12!

Kids' Classes


Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art, that emphasizes harmony. Cookeville Aikido is a satellite school of Nashville Aikikai, through whom we are affiliated with the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba. We welcome anyone age 12 or older to come train with us in our adult classes, regardless of past experience or physical limitation. For more information on our hours and location, please visit the "About Us" link. 

What you'll gain from training

Aikido is a martial art, but also more than that. It is a study in harmony of movement, fluidity, and balance. When you train in Aikido, you'll learn self-defense skills, but you'll also improve your balance, your posture, your endurance, and your overall health. Through practice you'll gain a greater sense of peace. You'll also get to meet some fantastic people, both inside the dojo, and in the wider Aikido community. Finally, Aikido has a kinesthetic beauty that you have to feel to understand. 

About the ASU

The Aikido Schools of Ueshiba was founded by, and is led by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, and is affiliated with the World Aikido Federation or Hombu Dojo. Saotome Sensei was a live-in student (Uchi Deshi) of Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Our connection with the ASU is through Saotome's students, Tom and Mary McIntire Senseis, who serve as the co-heads of the Nashville Aikikai.